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Being away from friends and family is tough, especially when it's for months at a time. Google Blogger can help them feel closer to you, even if you're half a world away. Publish your thoughts, photos and even videos while you're away.

Go to Google Blogger

  1. Blog your story with text, photos and videos
  2. Share your stories and engage with others
  3. Additional resources
  1. Blog your story with text, photos and videos

    1. Go to to sign in to your Google Account to access an existing blog or start a new one.
    2. Once you've signed in to Blogger, you'll see your dashboard, which displays your list of blogs. Click the orange pencil icon to create a new post.
    3. Next, you'll see the Create New Post page. Start by giving your post a title (optional), then edit the contents of the body.
      • To add an image, click the picture icon and select a photo. Click Add selected to insert it into your post.
      • To add a video, click the movie icon and upload a video or pick one from YouTube.
    4. When you're done, click the Preview button to make sure your post is ready to go.
    5. Once you're ready to post, click the Publish button. Your post will show on your blog.
  2. Share your stories and engage with others

    There are several features of Blogger that will help you to share your blog posts and interact with people reading your blog.

    • Share your blog post: The share buttons are automatically enabled for your blog. With these buttons, you or a reader can easily tweet or post a Facebook update with a link to your post.
    • Turn on comments: Turning on comments (set as the default) will allow readers to share thoughts on your blog post or ask questions. You can reply to your readers in the comments as well.
    • Learn more about your readers: If you're interested in how many views you've had and where your readers are coming from, select the blue graph icon next to the blog on your main dashboard. You will be taken to the Stats overview page, where you can explore your traffic sources and post metrics.