Keep track of your expenses with free software

As you transition from the military, Google Drive can help you easily track your expenses or make a financial plan. Planning your finances allows you to manage how you provide for yourself and your family, and even save a buck or two.

Go to Google Drive

  1. Choose a financial planning template
  2. Insert your personal financial information
  3. Regularly update your expenses
  4. Additional resources
  1. Choose a financial planning template

    Google Drive has many templates that can help you track your expenses. To begin tracking your expenses, pick a financial planning template.

    1. Visit the personal finance section of the template gallery.
    2. Click Preview to see what a template looks like. We recommend the Monthly Household Budget template or the Simple Budget Planner.
    3. Once you find a template that you like, click Use this template.

    A copy of the template will be created for you and it'll open in a new browser window. When you use a template, a personal copy is created for you. You can access your copy at any time in Google Drive.

  2. Insert your personal financial information

    Once you've copied a template, you can enter your personal financial information.

    First, clear out the example data provided in the template. Most templates include formulas to automatically calculate your budget and expenses. You'll want to leave these formulas in place. For example, in the Monthly Household Budget template, you'll want to delete all of the example data in the light blue sections, but leave everything else in place.

    Next, plug in your personal financial information. Formulas in the template will calculate and automatically give you results about your budget and expenses.

  3. Regularly update your expenses

    Now that you've created a spreadsheet with your financial information, you'll want to regularly update the spreadsheet. Here's how:

    1. Visit and sign in to your Google Account.
    2. Open the spreadsheet you created from a financial planning template. You can search or browse through your Drive to find this spreadsheet.
    3. Update your spreadsheet with any new financial information. All calculations will automatically update.
  1. Additional resources

    Google Drive Help Center

    Google Drive and Privacy
    Google Drive is Private by default. Only people with whom you've shared your spreadsheet will be able to view or edit it. Learn more about sharing.