Host a video discussion on what it means to serve

Help members of your community better understand what you did while you were in the service, by hosting a Google+ Hangout. A hangout is a group video chat for up to ten people, even if they are in ten different places. Invite friends, family and community members to hear your story.

Go to Google+ Hangouts

  1. Start by adding people to a Google+ circle
  2. Start a hangout to share your story with the community
  3. Additional resources
  1. Start by adding people to a Google+ circle

    To get started, sign up for Google+ at - it's free and anyone can join. You can then add friends and family who are already on Google+ and organize them however you want into your Google+ circles. For example, you might create a circle for "Deployment Friends" and another for "Bootcamp Buddies."

    Here's how to create circles:

    1. Visit
    2. Select the people you want to include in your circle. You can select more than one person at a time by either clicking on more than one name tile.

    3. Drag and drop the tiles into the blank circle that says Drop here to create a new circle.
    4. Each time you drop people into a circle, we'll display a number showing you how many people you've added. If you add someone to a circle they're already in, they won't be added again.
    5. To name your circle, click Create circle. A pop up box will appear so you can enter the circle name. Circle names are only visible to you.

    You can put the same person into as many circles as you like. For example, your brother might belong in both your “Service Buddies” and “Family” circles. We'll notify a person that you've added them to a circle, but they won't be able to see the circle name or who else is in the circle.

  2. Start a hangout to share your story with the community

    Hangouts are video chats with up to 10 people. If you're hosting a community forum, you'll be able to host 9 other people at a time. When one person leaves, another person will be able to join. You can make a hangout public for your community or you can open it to specific circles that you've created.

    Here's how to start a hang out:

    1. Download and install the voice and video chat plug-in.
    2. Go to
    3. Click the Start a hangout button on the right side of your window.

    4. Your webcam will turn on, and you'll be taken to a private "green room" where you can adjust your camera. (This is a good time to fix your hair.)
    5. Click +Add more people to invite particular circles or individuals to hang out.
    6. Click the green Hang out button. People you've invited will see your invitation in their Google+ stream, or in their email inbox if they've enabled notifications.
    7. As people click the Join hangout button, they'll pop up in your hangout window.

    Want to add more people to your hangout? Just click Invite at the bottom of the window. You can also show or watch a YouTube video that's relevant to the forum you're hosting.