Tools For Veterans

Check out the products and services we think are most helpful. We've organized them into six categories.

Currently Deployed?

Record Your Military Story

Access your files from anywhere

Upload all of your important documents into Google Drive and you'll be able to access and edit them from any computer.

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Relive your service through photos

Upload and organize your service photos easily so your and loved ones can view them from anywhere.

organize your photos

Make a map of where you’ve been

Share your map with family and friends so they can understand where you've served.

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Explore Your Life After Service

Get started on your future

Google Docs lets you build a professional resumes and co-edit it with a trusted friend.

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Help your favorite veterans’ non-profit

Give them some advice about how to get online and raise awareness for their cause.

lend a hand

Track your investments

Google Finance can give you real-time updates on your stocks and mutual funds.

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Keep track of your expenses

Create a weekly budget or a long-term financial plan in a spreadsheet that can be edited by multiple family members at once.

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Follow current events

Stay up-to-date on the latest breaking news in the areas where you served.

read the news

Connect With Family & Fellow Veterans

Video chat with up to ten people

Invite others to join you in a video hangout. Share your experiences and common interests.

start a hangout

Share videos from your service

Connect with family and civilians back home and share videos with other veterans.

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Blog about your service

Share your stories with friends and family back home.

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Share selectively with people you’re close with

Start or join a circle with service buddies. Share what’s going on in your life.

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Draw with your kids

Drawing a picture with your family is a great way to reconnect, even if you can't do it from the same place.

share a drawing