Make a map with photos and videos

Maps are great visualizing tools that help you tell a story. Google Maps lets you create and share personalized, annotated maps of your world. Make one for your veteran!

Go to Google Maps

  1. Create a Google custom map
  2. Add places to your custom map
  3. Share your custom map
  4. Additional resources
  1. Create a Google custom map

    1. Visit and sign in to your Google Account.
    2. Click the Create a new map button in the center of the page

    3. Enter a title for your map

    4. Click Save.
  2. Add places to your map

    In order to add areas, roads or points of interest to your map, use the icons in the upper left corner of the map. Here are some of the tools you can use:

    • Selection tool. Use this to drag the map and select placemarks, lines and shapes.
    • Placemark tool. Use this to add placemarks.
    • Line tool. Click this button to select a tool to draw lines and shapes and draw lines that automatically snap to roads.

    You can choose from a range of markers to represent your location. Click the Style linkin the right hand corner box and you will be able to select different styles in the dropdown. You can also click the bucket icon to choose the color and shape of your icon, or select more icons to use.

  3. Share your custom map

    When you're done creating and editing your custom map, you can share your map with other people. If you choose your map to be Unlisted, only people you invite can view your map. If your custom map is Public, anybody can see it. See our privacy page for more information.

    In order to share your map, click the Share button in the top right corner of the map. In the window that opens, enter the email addresses of the people with whom you want to share your map.

    Then click the Send button to invite your friends or loved ones to view your map.

  1. Additional resources

    Here are two more tips about custom maps:

    Invite your friends to collaborate with you on your map

    1. Click Share and add your friends email addresses to invite them to edit the map.
    2. You can also write a message for them if you want.
    3. Click Send invitations and the invitations will be sent to your friends.

    Learn more about collaborating on a custom map.