Tools For Families

We've taken all of the products and services we've found helpful and grouped them into two categories below.

Reconnect With Your Veteran

Follow current events

Keep up with breaking news that is relevant to you and your veteran.

follow the news

Learn more about their service

Find articles related to to the time and places your veteran served by searching historical news archives.

search for articles

Record a video for a veteran in your life

Capture family memories so you can watch them for years to come.

create a video

Create a family photo album with them

Revisit special memories while you make a photo album and store it on the web.

share some photos

Make a map with photos and videos

Build a record of all the places you've gone and things you've done that you'd like to share with your veteran.

make a map

Bring together the whole family

Give everyone in your family a chance to express their feelings through drawing picture, live.

draw a picture

Connect With Peer Support

Start or join a group with other families

Get suggestions about transitioning out of the military and help others in the same position.

start a group

Write a resume and edit with a friend

Automatically generate a professional resume in Google Drive. Co-edit it with a friend, even if they're far away.

create a resume

Memorialize a loved one

Create a lasting tribute by making a video compilation in their honor.

make a video